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Learning The Secrets About 1Motor vehicle accidents cause the death of multiple children every year. As such, you need to be extra careful when you are driving in the company of your kids. Based on the 2016 accidents records, 723 children died in auto accidents while another 128,000 sustained severe injuries. Keep reading here to discover some vital precautions that can help keep you safe from car accidents when driving with children on board.

Your first step should be to avoid distractions. Many parents understand that they should avoid drive-through and the use of cell phones while driving their children. Nevertheless, it is essential that you let your children understand the importance of avoiding commenting on issues, talking to you, asking questions, and talking too much as your guard might be lowered. Instead, have a notebook in the car that the kids can record their questions until you arrive at your destination and answer the queries.

Second, do not drive while you are feeling exhausted. Scientists report that fatigue reduces your thinking, perception depth, reaction time, and skills necessary for safe driving. If it is necessary that you drive when tired, ask a relative for driving assistance. Inform your relatives that you need a designated driver as you do not want to drive your children when feeling tired. Your loved ones will gladly provide you a ride or volunteer to drive you.

Always make sure your vehicle is in good condition. Visit your mechanic every month so he can check if something needs being fixed. A mechanic has a higher probability of detecting a flaw in your vehicle before it reaches a critical level. Correcting the problem on time is essential as it will help avoid getting you stranded on the way or even being involved in a preventable accident.

Fourth, remember to drive defensively. Although you might be careful, the drivers around you might be carefree. If you notice a reckless driver in front of you, slow down to increase your distance from him. If the situation deteriorates, change the direction of travel to keep your family safe.

Fifth, maintain a safe distance with the driver in front of you. Instead of trying to keep a safe distance, ensure you maintain a speed of at least two second behind the driver. Besides, the duration ensures that you will not cause a rear collision.

Finally, look again before entering into an intersection. You may have a green light or the right of way, but some distracted drivers may not observe these factors. You should opt to delay your schedule a bit for you to get at the destination safely.


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