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How I Became An Expert on 1Is Living in a Storage Unit an Option for You
Due to the exponentially increasing cost of renting a home, it now costs nothing short of a fortune to get by a single month. The fact that the average American has to pay one thousand five hundred dollars every month for their rent shows that they bear the greatest burden.

This has driven some people to look for cheaper alternatives and living in a storage unit might be the best one yet but is it even legal? As tempting as this may seem to you, you should first find out if it is legal. Knowing the potential risks associated with moving into a storage unit may just be enough to discourage the notion. The many risks associated with living in a storage unit outweigh the benefits by far.

It may be puzzling that somebody in their right state of mind would consider such an unhealthy option. It is only natural that you would shun from living in the small dark storage unit. Would you move into a storage unit fully aware off the many risks involved in the name of saving a couple of bucks? The renting cost of an average storage unit is almost four times less compared to renting an average home in the United States. It is arguably a great idea and it would not be unusual if some people actually resort to renting a storage unit instead.

The fact that you can cut your living expenses by four has made many individuals and even entire families to settle in storage units in different areas across the nation. All manner of stories have been making the news about people living in storage units of late. The people who were making headlines for living in storage units were later evicted from their storage units or were arrested and charged. Apart from getting evicted from your storage unit, living in one is illegal and may land you in jail.

Despite the many dangers that accompany living in a storage unit, some people may still be willing to risk it for the theoretical savings. The conditions inside may take a toll on your health and it may get really hot inside where the temperature is not regulated. Storage units are not designed to cater for catastrophes like fires. If you were planning to do this then it is high time you change your mind and just agree it is not worth it.

Saving a couple of dollars should not be the reason you land in jail or suffer physical pain. A great way of saving money on rent is by moving to a more affordable home and storing some of your stuff in a storage unit. This is a great alternative that will help you save money while avoiding the risks that come with setting up in a storage unit.


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