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Buying college textbooks can be a frustrating experience. But planning before the semester begins can help you save some money. You can decide to buy the textbook knowing that its resale value will help you buy another one, or you can lend to a relative who is a semester behind. Also buying textbooks for yourself is good since you can use them for future references while in your home library. Therefore, choosing a suitable textbook company can be quite challenging, hence some tips below will help you choose a suitable textbook company.

First, consider the timing when buying a textbook. You should consider buying a college textbook early enough before a semester commences. The reason for this advice is to make sure you do not buy textbooks during peak times when prices have been hiked up by the textbook company. You should also buy textbooks when there are a lot of textbooks in the bookstores.

Check on the textbooks covers for the indicated edition that you are willing to buy. Choose a suitable edition according to your semester requirements. If you lack the old edition you can consider buying a new edition textbook. Although, the older edition can be favorable too, because the contents are almost the same, only that the page numbers and covers are different. Buying a new edition textbook will cost you higher than an old edition.

Buy a textbook whose condition is fair enough to be used throughout the semester. Most people will want to buy brand new textbooks. As long as the scribbles on the textbook are few, you can consider buying the textbook. If you find a textbook that has been highlighted by the previous user you can consider buying since you have been highlighted for some points that would help you in studying. Some old books will easily get worn out even before the semester comes to a close. If you are looking forward to selling the textbook, you should consider the buying value and the resale value too. If you fail to maintain a new textbook you will end up not selling it or using it again.

When buying a suitable textbook for your semester, choose a book company that sells books at discounted prices. When you buy one textbook it can be hard to be awarded discount but only if you are a potential buyer. Frequent buyers should be awarded discounts too for always buying books from the bookstore company. If you are not awarded a discount on any purchase you will drain your pocket leaving you broke. You will easily buy more books or recommend friends to buy books from the bookstore company that awarded you discounts on previous purchases. You need to compare different textbook companies that offer discounts and choose that which is suitable for you.

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