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The Key Elements of Great 1How To Extend the Life of Your Phone Battery

Smartphone is the lift of most people today. It is impossible for anyone today not to have a smartphone anywhere they go. With social media become an integral part of our lives, our smartphones should always be active.

But smartphone batteries easily lose power. When the battery of our smartphones is low, then we are cut off from the world. What causes the life of our batteries to drain fast? Below are some of the reason why our smartphone batteries easily lose power and what we can do about it.

Apps use a lot of battery even if it is not in use. Batteries drain fast with apps running in the background. Take time to close all the apps on your phone if you want to increase the life of your battery.

if your screen is too bright, then it uses up a lot of battery. If you make your phone dim, then it can help conserve battery life. It will also be easier on your eyes.

If you set your phone to night mode, then it will automatically set your smartphone to dim when the sun goes down. This will drain your battery-less and is better for your eyes. Depending on your location, the screen will dim upon sunset.

Vibrating your phone every time it rings or receives messages can drain your battery fast. If you want your battery to last longer, turn off the vibration.

Check for updates. They are designed to make the apps on your phone run better. It helps apps run more efficiently to produce less drain on your battery. Update alerts should not be ignored. Download the updates as soon as possible. This will help increase your battery life and improve your experience in using the app.

Here is a resource where you can read more about caring for your cell phone.

Your smartphone has many features running in the background that you are not aware and is eating up on your battery life. Restarting your smartphone will close all these features and save your battery. Restarting your phone will only take a few minutes but it will impact how often you need to charge your phone.

Reducing the number of minutes before the screen goes into sleep mode is another way to conserve battery. Once it is inactive for the designated period of time, it will automatically engage sleep mode.

Using wifi whenever possible saves your battery life. Network data puts a strain on your battery so it is better to set your phone to use wifi whenever possible.

Avoid animated or moving wallpaper. They look great but this type of animation requires a lot of battery. Incrase your battery life by turning off the animation feature.


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